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If you or your family have ever visited an airport, courthouse, or even some hospitals and schools, you know that a metal detector can be the last line of defense between your loved ones and a criminal with a gun.

But on December 9th, a relatively obscure but important law that prohibits the sale or shipment of firearms not detectable by a walk-through metal detector is set to expire.

It’s called the Undetectable Firearms Act and in the age of 3D printers that can produce a gun made almost entirely of plastic, it’s imperative that Congress move to reauthorize the legislation.

With three weeks to go, time is running out. It’s important that you sign our petition urging the House and Senate leadership to bring the Act to a vote before it expires. Add your name here:

In the past Republicans and Democrats have come together to renew the law by simple voice votes. Even the NRA has agreed not to oppose the bill.

We’re counting on Congress to reauthorize this responsible solution to reduce gun violence. If you make your voice heard, we’re sure they will.

All the best,

Gabby and Mark

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GOP KA-BOOOOOOOM Nuclear Option Used

I thought Harry Reid Didn’t have the cahonnies to do it but this is one time I’m glad I was wrong!!! The Nuclear option is now active and ready to blow up roadblocks put in the way of nomination made by Obama. Finally things can get done ,New Judges added , new members to other government agency that for along time needed people to take control. I can hear all them GOP obstructionist crying over not being able to say no or at least for it being totally meaningless.Someday it make come back to haunt the Democrats but if things weren’t done there was a good possibility of there never being a future at all.

Something that makes me proud to say I’m a Liberal and a Democrat

That’s becoming less and less a bad thing where being conservative is becoming more and more a bad thing to be.

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The Last African Elephant in the WIld may be Just 5 Years Away.

Human ignorance killing an animal for its tusks. But what can we expect of the most dangerous parasite on earth. The American buffalo was lucky, the passenger pigeon was not.The dodo birds beat to death for a few feathers, not so lucky again. In a world where they still kill whales , dolphins, and sharks, what animal will become the humans next victim. Most killed for no reason or very stupid ones ,why must greed be a reason to kill ,because it is one of the most deadly of the 7 sins. So much evil done under the sin of greed everyday I don’t know how the human race can look at it self in a mirror.

Food for thought

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Michelle Bachman roots for the failure of Obamacare,if it’s not a game why do I feel like a pawn.

Rooting for millions of people not to have decent health care, gee Michelle that’s something to cheer for. Okay I’m being crazy it’s not something any sane person would be happy about. How uncaring can the GOP or Tea Party be wishing people to lose a way to get better health care? I guess being self centered is a Republican trait. We are people if you prick us do we not bleed. Don’t we have any value in your GOP brainwashed mind. Sorry you millions we only need you at voting time, the rest of the time beat it, and don’t bother us with your petty life and death problems. We don’t have time to make sure you get decent health care. We don’t have time to worry if you have enough to eat what are we a charity? When your old you should be shelved to make room or younger people. Glad I don’t think that way but why do peole elect people who do? I’m not

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As Many Realities as Living Things on Earth

Each living conscious thing has its own view of reality based on its live experiences.No ones reality is completely the same as anyones else’s.It’s individual and unique. That’s why so many people can look at a problem and come up with a hundred different answers to solve it. A rich man can’t understand a poor mans view of reality and vice versa. It’s not stupidity its ignorance that keeps people apart. People don’t know how the others live so how can they understand them. Myself I suffer from panic attacks, I can describe them to you but you will never understand unless you experience having one. That’s life so we must all take that in allowance when we make judgments on other people.Calling people stupid is not really correct ,ignorant maybe,stupid not true

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The psychology of a Gun Nut

What Psychological factors make a person want to have a gun that can shoot hundreds of bullets in a short amount of time? Why do they need to have more and more guns?

Is it a hoarding type illness that makes them unable to control their need for more and more guns?

Is it an addiction to the firing of a gun? Do then need to do that to fulfill some need that they can’t control?

Is it a fear or phobia that they have that makes them think they need more firepower to fight some imaginary foe.

Is it something I haven’t thought of that triggers their need for a semi automatic gun and multiple guns in their home?

They use the second amendment as a crutch for their problem but is it truth or a way of hiding their true reason for the needs they have for needing a gun?

This is just a little food for thought.

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WMD=Weapons of Mass Death

A gun that kills 23 children in less than 2 minutes, is a weapon like that really necessary in what’s supposed to be a civilized country. Does anyone who isn’t a soldier or police man need to be able to kill mass amounts of people in 2 minutes time. If they do I’m guessing their up to something illegal. No everyday citizen goes around needing a gun that spews bullets out every second.

I don’t see any reason that isn’t some weird stupid never going to happen fantasy like zombies ,or we need to fight government tyrants. The only tyrants I’ve seen lately are gun crazy nuts intimidating people with their guns.

Gun nuts will be the ones bring disaster in self fulfilling prophecies. You want to bring about the end of civilization what better way than at the end of a loaded gun.